I’m confused…where do I direct my inquiry?

These instructions will help us fulfill your requests as quickly and easily as possible.


Email Dr. Cowan or  set up a short appt. for medical questions such as: 

  • Should I continue or adjust my dosage of my meds?
  • I’m having a reaction/experiencing symptoms, what should I do? 
  • What does Dr. Cowan recommend for….? 
  • Can you write me a prescription? 
  • The doctor told me to call to update him, how do I proceed?


Call the front desk 415-334-1010 for a same-day phone or office appointment:
Acute injuries or illnesses like flu, strep, severe reactions, bacterial or viral infections
Patient is hospitalized and info is needed promptly


Call Dr. Cowan’s cell 415-310-1768:
Patient is in the ER and is experiencing life-threatening symptoms
You have an urgent issue and we are closed for the day


Call 415-334-2328:
You are calling in at your scheduled time to talk with the doctor
(PLEASE NOTE: any messages left on this line without an appointment cannot be returned—refer to #1 or #2 on what to do next)


Email or Call the front desk 415-334-1010 for:

  • Can you help me understand my bill?
  •  Can you order these supplements for me? 
  •  Will you send me a sign letter for my condition?  (please email us with what you need it to say)
  •  When can I talk with the doctor? 
  •  Where’s my order? 
  • Could you ask Dr. Cowan for me?   Please refer to #1, & if it is urgent #2
  • Did you get my labs? (test results usually take up to a week, you can also call your lab with our fax # to resend)